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Competent editing is all you need to make a text perfect. It is just what our company provides. Turn to our specialists for help and forget about endless comments from your professors and teachers. Here are some compelling reasons to do it.

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  • The widest spectrum of offers

    We understand “editing” as a vast concept that includes revision, proofreading, and rewriting. You can also count on all types of adjustments to specific recommendations.

  • The highest level of services

    We edit various forms of texts for learning assignments, starting from simple case studies and till the dissertations.

  • The shortest terms

    Our experience and high qualification ensure a fast speed of work. Express editing within 3-5 hours is also available.

  • A progressive approach

    We use the latest technologies to bring your papers to perfection, as well as to make the process of our cooperation reliable and quick.

Paper editing services from experts:

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English editing company: pro services only!

Being a client of our agency, you always get more than a simple revising of the text.
We take editing seriously, discuss all the nuances, and go into the details. Experts working at our company deliver diverse services: editing, evaluation, rewriting, proofreading, etc.

Our services according to the type of assignment:

  • case study editing service
  • research paper editing service
  • term paper editing service
  • dissertation editing service
  • book or film editing service
  • speech editing service
  • report editing service
  • resume editing service, etc

Rest assured that your text is checked by an experienced editor. He/she has enough knowledge and skills to provide top-notch services. Editor Online is available at any time of day and night to assist you with your assignments!

Our editing services are of high quality, and we strive to deliver polished papers prior to the deadline!

Text editing services: the diversity of choice

We are glad to present our offers. In a broad sense, editing is the revision of the written paper under prescribed conditions. However, it’s not that simple. This wording can imply various meanings. Editing services vary according to the number of functions and an approach to the source material.

  • Text evaluation
  • Punctuation proofreading
  • Spelling check
  • Stylistic editing
  • Structure improvement
  • Rewriting

Any doubts?
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Are you interested? Learn more about our offers. You are welcome to read howediting services work.

The following scheme presents the general steps of paper editing services, starting from the easiest to the hardest level of complexity. Each subsequent service described in paragraphs implies the inclusion of the previous ones.

1. Evaluation of the text

An editor checks whether your writing corresponds to the instructions of your teacher. In the case of resume editing service, evaluation is done to check the relevance of your resume to the vacancy requirements.

The result of this editing service is a list of recommended corrections for the paper.

2. Punctuation proofreading

The editor detects whether the rules of English language punctuation are followed. Editing service specialist checks punctuation marks, the correctness of their placement, and makes the necessary editing.

The outcome of these editing services is the punctuation excellence of your paper or resume.

3. Spelling proofreading service

English orthography is checked at this stage. The service editor detects the spelling mistakes and makes necessary editing.

The main thing you get from these editing services is spelling excellence.

4. The stylistic editing service

The language style of the original paper is compared with the specific requirements. The service editor regulates the length of sentences. He/she analyzes the vocabulary. Thus, inappropriate words are replaced with better ones. An experienced service editor checks the correctness of terminology usage too. The style of speech is adjusted to meet the expectations of the target audience. We consider an optimal size for your text: the editor may exclude unnecessary fragments.

The result of custom services implies thorough editing of the original paper and full compliance with style requirements.

5. Structured editing service

Your paper format is converted into a new form. Paragraphs are arranged in a logical sequence according to the requirements. The text is divided into a proper number of sections. These elements are supplemented with logical transition sentences.

The outcome of this English editing service is a clear, well-structured text.

6. Rewriting service

This service implies creating a new paper on the basis of available initial texts. Our specialists select new synonyms, paraphrase sentences, improve the structure of the text. Meantime, they preserve the original writing style and the core thoughts of the author.

What you get here? It is a new form of your ideas written in accordance with the requirements of your tutor/teacher/professor.

When ordering paper editing, you should tell us about your expectations as well as attach specific requirements of your tutor.

Our online editing company offers effective solutions for students who lack the time or do not know how to check their papers. Order our services to improve your writing and get the highest grades. Give it a go now!