Our editing service covers wide range of academic (essays) and non-academic (resumes) editing. We offer essay editing service, research paper editing service, term paper editing service, dissertation editing service, book and report editing service, and proofreading services. Our company provides custom writing services as well. One of our services is express editing (within 3-5 hours). Professionals working at our company deliver diverse services: editing, evaluation, writing, rewriting, etc. Your work will be checked only by experienced editor who is able to provide service of high quality. Editor Online is available at any time of day and night to assist you with your assignments! Our editing services are of high quality and we strive to deliver polished papers prior to deadline!

If you are interested, you are welcome to read how editing services work and you have may order any of our services. In the broad sense of the word, editing is the revision of written paper under prescribed conditions. Editing services varies in the degree of processing source material. The following scheme presents the general steps of paper/essay editing services arranged from the easiest to the hardest level of complexity. Each subsequent service described in paragraphs implies the inclusion of the previous ones.

  1. The first service is text evaluation. Editor will check the correspondence of your writing with the instructions of your teacher. In the case of resume editing service, evaluation is done to check the relevance of your resume to the vacancy requirements. The result of this editing service is a list of recommended corrections for the paper, essay or resume.
  2. Proofreading punctuation. Editor detects whether the rules of English language punctuation are followed. Editing service specialist checks punctuation marks, the correctness of their placement, and makes the necessary essay editing. The result of these editing services is punctuation excellence of your paper/resume.
  3. Spelling and proofreading service. English orthography is checked. Service editor checks the spelling of the words and makes necessary editing. The result of these editing services is spelling excellence.
  4. The stylistic editing service. The language style of the original paper is compared with the requirements. Service editor regulates proposals length. He analyzes synonyms series of keywords; inappropriate words are replaced with the better ones. Experienced service editor checks the correctness of terminology use. The style of speech is maintained to meet the expectations of the target audience. The text is optimized for size: editor may exclude unnecessary fragments. The result of custom services - thorough editing of the original paper in order to bring it to the requirements of the planned style.
  5. Structured editing service. Your paper format is converted into a new form. Paragraphs are arranged in a logical sequence in accordance to the requirements. The text is divided into sections. These elements are supplemented with logical transition sentences. The result of English editing service - the source material is put to the conceptual clarity.
  6. Rewriting services. Creating a new essay or resume on the basis of the available completed text using synonymous series, rewriting structure, preserving the original paper writing style and original meaning. The result of editing services- the creation of the new paper or essay that corresponds to the requirements of your tutor/teacher/professor.
  7. Writing a new essay or paper on the basis of available materials. Background information in the form of separate materials is recycled, structured, edited in accordance to the challenges of the future paper. Skilled service editor compiles background information in the new structure. The result of custom editing services - the creation of the original text in accordance to the proposed requirements.
  8. Writing a new text without providing raw materials - custom essay writing services. Service writer creates an original paper for you that meets all requirements and is free of plagiarism. If you have already written your paper, you are welcome to request our writer to edit and proofread it.

When ordering essay or paper editing, you should include your expectations as well as specific requirements of your tutor. Editing services are the solution to students who lack time or do not know how to edit their papers. Order custom editing services to improve your own writing and get the highest grades!