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Competent dissertation editing services are the final step to make your thesis perfect. Trust our dissertation editors to do this important thing. Start here.

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Dissertation editing services: reasons to order here

A thesis and dissertation are serious documents, and you definitely need true professionals with extensive experience in proofreading/editing service. is just that place where only qualified experts work. It is always a good idea to turn to our specialists. Specific advantages of our dissertation editing service prove the right choice.

We are always online to help you

Our managers and editors work 24/7 time table at any time of day and night and are always at your service. Feel free to place an order or get a consultation whenever you want. and make sure of the high quality!

Complex approach

The result of our dissertation editing services process is a perfect doctoral dissertation free from grammar and stylistic mistakes. Each sentence is clearly structured. Importantly, your paper corresponds to educational standards of spelling/grammar, word choice, general academic writing style guide, and professors’ requirements. We also edit all related texts such as articles for science magazines, University research reports, speeches for presentations, etc.

Quality control

Excellence is not an empty word for our services. We have a strong management system that monitors the process of doctoral dissertation editing services and its results. Our editors pay attention to all the details. When your editing process is over, you will receive a Microsoft word work with perfect formatting, grammar, and academic writing. In addition, the Microsoft word file will include track changes, thus you could review all the changes made by the editor.

Mature & gifted English speaking editors

Our service team consists of the best editors and enthusiasts. Our employees possess excellent editing experience, research talents, and critical thinking skills. Most of them have a doctoral degree or university work experience. All of them possess perfect academic writing skills. The experts who will edit your paper are native English speakers or their first language is English.

Attention to details in every sentence

When it deals with doctoral dissertation editing service, you cannot afford any mistakes. That is why our experienced dissertation editors consider even the tiniest nuances and make sure you will get a perfectly edited document (such as sentence structure, formatting, etc.

Respect for your ideas

Our English editing services do not influence the sense of your treatise. Obviously, you have studied the topic thoroughly at your university and thought over the key findings of your research. We appreciate your insights and do not change them. The editing process excludes additional writing and research, however, it provides professional proofreading services.

We provide explanations in your Word file

One of our dissertation editors can clarify all their corrections and removals. We also provide references on authoritative sources on demand. In addition, the dissertation editing process always gives you track changes, thus you may look through the adjustments in every sentence. The English speaking editors are always ready to help you and answer your questions.

Paper editing services from experts:

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5+ months of successful cooperation

«My papers definitely look better when I use Teachers noticed so many grammar mistakes in my projects before. Now they are pleasantly surprised. I keep my secret but recommend this service!»


From a grateful client
Uses the service for 3+ months

«Yes, I am not good at formatting. All those APA, MLA, Chicago got on my nerves so much before I met these guys. Today they edit all my papers, and I do not worry about formats anymore. 5 stars!»


From an absolutely happy student
6+ months of cooperation

«My studying became much easier when I started using these services. I have forgotten about sleepless nights. All my papers are well edited by true professionals. Thank you, guys, recommend!»


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A loyal client for 1+ year

«A year ago, I had to check every paper many times. Honestly, I am not very attentive, so I still got low grades. Now it is quite another matter. Editors from this website eliminate all my mistakes! I advise everyone to try your services.»


From a foreign student
4+ months of cooperation

«English is my second language, so my case studies were far from perfect. I was so upset until I tried this service. Today I get A since these editors polish my texts. Recommend!»


Thanks for efficiency
1+ year of cooperation

«I wish I saw this website a year ago. At that time, I suffered from incomprehensible spelling and syntax rules. Now all these nuances are checked by assistants of, and I feel so happy to get perfect texts. I definitely recommend this company.»


With gratitude for top-notch service
A happy client for 9+ months

«It is such a pleasure to work with these skilled editors. They find even the tiniest mistakes in words and sentences. No more worries about typos and errors! My rating has grown significantly after I turned to them. Recommend with confidence!»


Thanks for your special attention
2+ months of cooperation

«I have been dreaming about A for so long. Yet, my effort was in vain. I even cried over my low grades. It was all my awful grammar, you know, all these “a misused article,” “wrong syntax...” Today my choice is Due to them, I get my well-earned highest marks. My sincere thanks!»


From a gratitude client
7+ months of cooperation

«I highly recommend this service. They improved my grades from С to A. Now I have much free time and a good reputation, that is everything I need for my happy student life!»


Dissertation editors: diversity of editing services offers

We have an awesome team of skilled English speaking specialists to cope with any theme of your doctoral dissertation. It is the main reason why we can guarantee a high-quality editing service practically in all fields of science. Our company is always open to cooperation. We will be glad to implement our knowledge and skills for your projects. We provide editing and proofreading services on various subjects:

  • Astronomy and Planetary Science papers editing:

    • Planetary Science
    • Cosmology
    • Astronomy,etc.
  • Biology papers editing

    • Microbiology
    • Cancer Research
    • Cardiovascular Biology
    • Zoology, etc
  • Chemistry papers editing:

    • Applied Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Nuclear Chemistry
    • Spectroscopy
  • Earth and Environmental Science papers editing:

    • Planetary Geology
    • Other Environmental Science
  • Other Fields papers editing:

    • Computer Science
    • Materials Science
    • Food Science
    • Statistics
    • Humanities
    • Agriculture
    • Publishing/Media
    • Archaeology
    • Language/Linguistics
    • and others
  • Medicine papers editing

    • Cancer/Oncology
    • Epidemiology
    • Neurology
    • Hepatology
    • Infectious Diseases
    • Other Clinical Medicine
    • Veterinary Science
    • Pediatrics
    • Physiology
    • Radiology
  • Social Sciences papers editing:

    • International Relations in Economics
    • Micro Economics
    • Political Science
    • Sociology
    • Social Sciences
    • Anthropology
    • Law
  • Engineering papers editing:

    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Other Engineering
  • Physics papers editing:

    • Biological Physics
    • Nuclear Physics
    • High-energy Physics
    • Other Physics
  • Business papers editing:

    • Marketing/PR
    • Management
    • International Business
    • Other Business

If you do not find your subject area for editing in the above list, please contact us. Maybe, we have simply skipped it because of a great number of projects. So we will check whether we have a qualified doctoral dissertation editor for your order. Students all over the world use our service and trust us as one of the first and best editor services. Our service is always ready to help those students whose English language is the second one. We can ensure that our editor will help you to edit your doctoral paper. Everything from APA formatting to the table of contents will be polished and will look perfect.

Editing and proofreading services in detail

We feel it is our duty to bring your dissertation/thesis to perfection on the highest level. For this purpose, we carry out certain dissertation editing and proofreading procedures:

  • editing and proofreading of spelling/grammar (syntax, orthography, punctuation mistakes),
  • ensure the details of writing style,
  • check and edit the format (for example APA style), sentence structure (table of contents),
  • reference list formatting,
  • verify and edit facts (revise statistics, edit reference list, the relevance of the information, calculations).

Our dissertation services are a chance to make sure your paper perfect in every sense of the word: content, formatting, visual appearance, writing style, grammar, English language use, and compliance with science and academic writing standards! Hire one of our experts and get an outstanding result!

A dissertation can become your lifework or open wide opportunities for a further scientific career. In any case, your reputation is at stake, and you cannot risk it. Now you are one step away from an academic degree.

Let’s do it together.

Our editor knows how to edit it and make it superb! Make the right choice — order dissertation editing services here.

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How our service works

We want you to feel comfortable while communicating with our assistants. That is why we have planned every detail of our cooperation and the dissertation editing and proofreading process. Our dissertation editing services are available 24/7/365, the Order Form is understandable, the prices, as well as other terms and conditions, are transparent. Discuss your issue with our support manager, tell us about your goals, and do not forget to include detailed paper editing requirements. We will try to send your brilliant dissertation even before a deadline.

The balance between dissertation editing & destroying the sense

There is a thin line between dissertation editing and the destruction of the value. Our dissertation editors never cross it as we respect the results of your intellectual thinking. Our dissertation editing service will change your vision of the dissertation! Our services hire only experienced dissertation editors do not impose their opinions concerning your suggestions or findings. We do not interfere unceremoniously in the content and style of the authors. Our agency believes that we have no right to kill your ideas. Thus, our editor preserves the uniqueness of your treatise on the highest level.

We would also like to emphasize that any conflict between our editor and a thesis author is excluded. The thing is we practice an individual approach to every client. It means that:

  • all recommendations and instructions are taken into account;
  • the project discussions are available on a live chat;
  • the editor explains all the corrections on demand;
  • we ensure that your order is completed on the highest level.

This is how mutual understanding between the two parts is achieved. We also want you to remember that respect for the author does not mean reduced attention to proper dissertation editing. The final goal of our dissertation editing services is to provide a flawless thesis. In our work, we are guided by general educational standards, clients’ instructions, and common sense.

What you actually get from our editing services:

The benefits students get from being our clients can be objective and subjective. However, all of them are compelling.

  • Time-saving academic schedule

    We understand that most university students look for a hassle-free academic life.

  • Perfect grammar

    Obviously, a dissertation is not that paper where you can make grammar or punctuation mistakes. Meantime, some typos can seem invisible to an author. Our dissertation editor will provide professional editing of your dissertation page per page. The editor will get rid of grammar errors and will ensure you will see high-quality academic writing. Eliminate all of them with the help of our dissertation editing service. In doing so, you will demonstrate your serious attitude towards educational norms. Your professors will definitely appreciate it. Be the first among the students in your group and receive grades of the highest level!

  • Proper style of your academic writing

    Apparently, you need to present your ideas in a suitable way so that they fit into the science sphere of your dissertation. Who but our mature professional editors can do it in the best light? Most university students experience difficulties with proper formatting of their work according to the academic writing style. This process may be time-consuming and tedious. Let our professional dissertation editor review your text and make sure your work suits the academic style of writing.

  • Improved sentence structure and formatting

    Weak argumentation or superfluous details result in imbalance and spoil the whole impression of your dissertation. Our specialists add clarity and brevity to your academic paper, making it look solid. Formatting style is very important, especially in a university or doctoral work. Dissertation editing always includes a review of formatting and its correspondence with the academic style standards and guidelines (for example APA, MLA, Harvard style, etc.).

  • Perfectly formatted reference list

    Reference list formatting may appear to be troublesome to students. Professional dissertation editing service will ensure that your references list is prepared in a professional manner and according to APA, MLA, or other format requirements. All the references must have in-text citations and correct formatting. Our editors have vast experience in the professional editing of references.

    If you use our services, you should know the difference between dissertation editing and dissertation proofreading.

  • Dissertation editing is the correction of the text in accordance with standards of your University and general writing rules, including the correction of grammar, punctuation, structure, transitions, references, and formatting. May involve the addition or deletion of some excerpts. The final document always contains track changes.

  • While proofreading service is the correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, etc. Its purpose lies in the detection and correction of slight errors, excluding heavy rewriting or expansion.

No matter which service our customers use, one of our editors is always ready to help. We work with students all over the world, including the United States. All our support agents and editors speak English fluently. We offer professional editing, proofreading, writing, etc.

Here are some more advantages of our editing, proofreading, and writing help service:

  • Our editors are saving your time,
  • Our editors use their profound knowledge in English to review and edit your work on the highest level,
  • If you look at our testimonials, you will see that most students are happy with our work and recommend our editing, writing, proofreading service to everyone,
  • Let us ensure you that the editor who will work on your text is a native English speaker,
  • We work with students from different countries, thus our working time is flexible and suitable for everyone.

Let us help you with your English doctoral text editing, writing, or proofreading and you will see that you may be the first in your group or class! Save your time, use our editing service, recommend us to other students and you will see only benefits! Use your chance to get pleasant discounts for your editing, proofreading, and writing orders, and let your life become easier! If you appreciate your reputation, always finish what you have started. Do not ignore dissertation editing. And one of our dissertation editors from our agency will make your final push to an academic doctoral degree easier! Use the opportunity to save your time with our editing service.