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Introducing our unique project established to make your college essay perfect. Whether you need help with proofreading your documents for study or resumes, always provides competent assistance. We bring your essays to a new level!

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Reasons to opt for our professional

We have asked our loyal clients why they are still with our college essay editing service. We want their positive experience to inspire you to place the first order. Here are the main causes of why you can trust our essay company.

Years of experience

The story of our college essay editing and proofreading service starts in 2007. For this period we have got appreciation from thousands of students. We are really proud of the many essays we have edited. However, we take long-term relations with clients as our greatest accomplishment. A solid reputation is all for us.

Convenient essay editing and proofreading service

We do our utmost to make a cooperation with dear clients maximum comfortable. The team of our proofreaders' works without days off and holidays. You are free to get a consultation at any time via our live chat. A reply within one minute is guaranteed. Every client gets a personal account to exchange files and messages with our professional editors. Contact us 24 hour/7!

Wealth of knowledge

Professionalism and experience go without saying when it deals with proofreading. It is our belief that only a true expert can check texts. Otherwise, he/she can change the sense of the essay, skip a serious mistake, or even make some new writing errors. Our agency is responsible for all its employees and the results of their work. We hire only well-educated mature professional editors, who have enough skills to make your college paper flawless. We see no other ways to provide high-quality services but to work with specialists.

We move with the times

We do not know if you have noticed that grammar rules and college professors’ demands change from time to time. Our team has been working in this sphere for more than 10 years. So we can claim with confidence that the above requirements are not constant. For this reason, we regularly monitor news in the educational and academic sphere.

Grammar purists

All our proofreaders are perfectionists in a good sense. They will edit your college essay so many times that it is necessary to get an impeccable result. We feel obliged to finish what we have started. Or someone else has started. Well, someone needs to do it. Importantly, we do not show off our knowledge but explain all our corrections clearly. No “geek speak” for our dear clients.

We are fond of the English language

Each college essay editor is keen on Linguistics. Their enthusiasm results in fast and up-to-date proofreading solutions for your documents. It is not only professionalism but a sincere interest that pushes our company forward to leading positions in the editing and proofreading business.

One-stop essay editing service

We suppose that it is very convenient to receive all types of proofreading and college-related services in one place. That is why we have assembled a team of professionals who specialize in all kinds of editing and writing assistance. Whatever you need to check, turn to our agency. The only condition is that your document is in English.

Proactive approach

If we notice some issues in your document, we will inform you about them even if they are not connected with editing. Of course, if you do not mind. We always try to give more than you expect.

Strong management of the service

Rest assured that our business processes are well-established so that you get competent help on time. Our managers coordinate every step of the work process so that everything operates as a single well-set mechanism.

You will like it, definitely

We are almost sure that you will appreciate our editing services. The thing is that we understand what you need. Moreover, we work with US colleges and universities, so we are aware of what college, university or school professors expect from your projects. We can say from our experience that the main thing is to find a balance between what students ask and what teachers demand. We are in the process of developing more offers for clients. Thus, we hope that this list will be continuously extended.

Online proofreading service
in detail

Your reputation as a university student depends on academic grades. The marks, in turn, result from the perfection of your essays. We know impeccable grammar matters. The absence of typos is the evidence of in-depth revision, proper knowledge, and great scrupulousness. Another way to get an excellent document is to receive an essay proofreading service from our editor.

What is proofreading from

Actually, proofreading is the last step before submitting the final version of the document. This stage concerns all types of essays when one needs to demonstrate intelligence and professionalism.

The truth is that even typos can overshadow in-depth thoughts and fresh insights into your document. Writing mistakes may look funny or even foolish. They can cost you a good reputation, at worst.

We do not want our clients to suffer from their inattentiveness. That is why we offer our proofreading and editing services. They imply detecting and correcting all types of mistakes that were missed while editing:

  • words capitalization,
  • spelling,
  • word breaks,
  • syntax,
  • hyphenation.

Our university and school essay editors also pay attention to:

  • semantics,
  • words use and word choice,
  • vocabulary,
  • structure,
  • citation and writing style, etc.

Our services are based on a comprehensive critical analysis of the content and the format. It is reflected in a complex approach and attention to the tiniest details.

We work with all types of documents, as well as resumes:

  • school case studies,
  • reports for study,
  • research papers,
  • university dissertations,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • personal statements, etc.

When our customers ask us to proofread their academic document, they mean various types of checks. They want to improve the coherence of the document, ensure the logical flow of ideas, maintain accuracy, and review content relevance.

Note that proofreading does not include editing, rewriting, or global changes. Still, you can order such services on our site. Simply choose “editing,” “rewriting,” or “revision” in the Form. Or chat with our support managers online to decide on the service.

For the sake of clarity, we explain what our proofreaders exactly do.

So, they edit:

  • coherency of the essay;
  • thesis statement validity;
  • the sufficiency of supporting materials;
  • grammar;
  • word-choice;
  • style;
  • the presence of the smooth transition between ideas and paragraphs.

… Meantime, they do:

  • eliminate typos in words,
  • edit punctuation characters (insert and delete commas, periods, apostrophes,
  • quotation marks, colons, semicolons, etc.)
  • add spaces where necessary,
  • close the gaps between words,
  • delete tautology,
  • remove repetitions,
  • divide an essay into more sections,
  • delete paragraphs to improve a structure,
  • replace the words in the sentence,
  • edit capital and small letters, etc.

… And they can also make notes on:

  • deleting unnecessary stuff;
  • inserting essential data (facts, references, explanations);
  • factual discrepancies.

Our proofreaders can also edit and advise you to ask for related services if necessary.

Actually, our proofreaders tweak the essay so that it looks perfect. The professors will see nothing wrong with that. Isn’t that what you want?

So, why essay editing services?

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Any essay should be revised by an independent editor. A fresh set of eyes helps to eliminate errors that are not visible at first sight. If this editor is a professional from, a perfect result is guaranteed. The outcome of our services is a flawless submission-ready paper! Try it in practice and feel the difference.

Professional proofreaders’ service: insider’s view

You might have already googled something about proofreading. There are so many views and opinions concerning this issue on the Internet that you might get confused. What is the bottom line of this matter?

Grammar is often taken as a good basis for further development. When college professors notice that a student is not good at it, they can be biased against him/her. They might think that a pupil skipped an important initial step of education, and, thus, does not deserve a high rating.

It is a dubious suggestion, still, it is popular in the educational field. If you feel that your spelling or punctuation is not excellent enough, turn to our editor. We help to achieve high quality without any efforts.

Our editor always focuses on the perfection of your essay, while you can focus on your other priorities. Sounds good. And in practice, it is even better. Let’s try now.

It is all about the editor team

The employees are the main value of our agency. These guys possess unique knowledge necessary for essay proofreading:

  • lateral thinking (to understand the sense of essay in various topics);
  • university degree in Linguistic and Philology (to know the English language perfectly);
  • real excellent experience in proofreading (to implement your orders fast);
  • attention and concentration (to notice the slightest details);
  • obsession with ideal grammar (to be enthusiastic about your orders);
  • and even artistic taste (to ensure a beautiful visual appearance of the essays).

As you see, our specialists are the best choice for you. So if you have already finished your essay, do not hurry to submit it and trust our editor. Send it to our agency for the final revision. We’ll turn it into a readable and free of mistakes story. This is how we do it.

Our method

Our proofreading procedure is a well-established system. It consists of the following steps.

  1. Preparations

    Our support managers distribute clients’ orders among editors choosing the most suitable ones. They take into account specialization, deadlines, the volume of work. Every editor dealing with your issues is obliged to observe the boundaries of acceptable interference in the author's style. Rest assured that your individuality will be preserved.

  2. Proofreading itself

    Every essay is checked twice. The speed of proofreading is optimal to meet your deadline and revise everything thoroughly. Interestingly, the mistakes are detected with the help of both AI and human revision. Our editors use various techniques such as “reverse reading,” reading aloud, changing fonts, etc.

  3. Quality control

    The editor and administrator checks if the ready-made paper corresponds to clients’ personal requirements and common grammar or academic standards.

By ordering proofreading services on our website, you always get a better version of your university, school essay or personal statement. It deals with all types of essays, including resumes, creative stories, Internet content, etc.

Proofreading, writing and much more

The last stages often determine the success of the whole essay. Our services are precisely what you need to make these final touches.

It is very convenient that our offers are not restricted by proofreading. You are free to order other related types of assistance. Check out our Order Form or go to a live chat to learn the details.

What matters most is the excellent quality of all our essay editing services. If you are looking for someone who will give competent feedback on your essay and edit it, you are in the right place. Our essay service is proved to be one of the best that can competently edit English essays.

Our college essay editors successfully fight against misspelled words, wrong punctuation, and other grammar errors. Rest assured that we will also review the facts, the logical flow of thoughts, as well as revise the writing format.

No mistakes in texts — no problems

Have you ever wondered how many issues are solved with the help of printed words and phrases today? Firstly, college professors use writing university assignments to evaluate students’ writing skills and academic knowledge. Then an HR-managers chooses your candidature guided by a resume. No matter what type of document is it, it may require assistance from an expert editor.

Choose our admissions essay editing!

An admissions essay is a serious document that is required for the university or college application process. When students graduate school they start their admissions process, which usually requires admissions essays. A college application essay shows the level of knowledge of a graduate student, his/her preparedness for college, and academic proficiency level.

Even if a graduate student has managed to write his/her admissions essay without outer help, he/she may need help with essay proofreading and professional editing. Our admissions essay editing service offers expert help to students all over the world and assists to make your essay impeccable.

Our professional college essay editing services helped thousands of students with their admission to college and university. Our college essay editors have done a great job, as we are proud to tell that many students have entered prestigious universities, including the famous Ivy league with the help of our college application essay editing service! Essay proofreading may become a challenging task for graduate students, as they have too much stress during the admission process. Trust our service and get a perfectly edited document within the shortest time! Admissions essays can be edited within 24 hours and even less! Save your precious time and let us do all the tedious work! Get an excellent admission college essay polished by our editor. We will make sure you'll receive a great job, as we have already helped thousands of customers with their admission essays.

Our team of professional editors has more than 10 years of experience in academic essay editing, writing, proofreading, etc. They constantly improve their skills to make sure they will not let you down. We are always at your service within 24 hours and you may count on our assistance.

Let us state some of our advantages, which can persuade you to choose our college essay editing service:

  • years of writing expertise
  • the personal attitude to each customer
  • more than 400 academic editors with excellent skills and great knowledge
  • 24 hours turnaround time to get a polished draft
  • the best customer support team to get an instant quote
  • thousands of happy customers from Shanghai to New York!
  • full confidentiality and all your rights reserved
  • the best feedbacks from a school graduate polishes your university and school papers so that they help to achieve your goals. We are open to communication 24 hours/7/365. Chat with our support assistants whenever you want. Order proofreading and editing services, and we will turn your writing into a masterpiece.

And one more time: when we proofread texts, they always look better!