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High-quality matters when it deals with both personal and business documents. Our professionals know how to improve all of them perfectly! Try our proofreading services and get an impeccable result around the world.

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Online Document Editing Service Advantages

Modern progressive people have already come to the conclusion that online editing is always a good idea.

Indeed, when you spend hours to review, edit and proofread a document or paper without any help, you simply cannot be objective enough. How can you notice an error if you think that everything is ok by default? In our proofreading and editing services team, the editors have experience in professional editing and proofreading services, which are grammar, styles, manner of writing, etc. The only thing is to choose true professional editors, someone like In this case, you get help and numerous advantages from our editor.

In-depth check

Two rounds of a check enable us to eliminate all possible mistakes, starting from misspelling words and to the wordings and other language issues.
Practical benefit for you
Our human professional touch transforms documents so that they look impeccable.

Fair price

We strive to minimize the costs of our services, meantime, providing decent quality. In any case, the prices are affordable for most students and entrepreneurs. It is a matter of long-term relations with our clients. Our terms are transparent and you, actually, can see the results. The assistants make notes and explain all their corrections. They can also highlight some parts of the documents that need to be reconsidered and improved fundamentally.
Practical benefit for you
You spend minimum money to get the perfectly edited work and professional feedback.

Fast speed of implementation

We appreciate your time; thus, we do our utmost to deliver an edited document in the shortest terms. That is why we cooperate with a large team of experienced editors. Managers distribute orders between employees so that your text is checked by the most suitable editor.
Practical benefit for you
Saving time on editing and proofreading, you get an opportunity to do what you really like.

Safe and easy cooperation

Be sure that your edited document is reliably protected by modern security algorithms. We respect your personal and social data and the right to remain anonymous. The communication channels are encrypted by Privacy Policy, thus all your rights reserved.
Practical benefit for you
The fact of using our academic services remains secret until you want to reveal it. document editing Vs. artificial intelligence

Have you ever used free software to check your texts? Our editor service is much more helpful. Select and use only human editor! The human editor understands your suggestions, can use personal experience in a particular field and language to edit and review your letter, for instance.

  • Editors understand stylistic nuances (including irony and specific science terms).
  • It is easier to place an order on our website rather than spending hours downloading a program.
  • Editors consider the structure, language nuances, and improve the flow of ideas word per word.
  • You can always count on comments and feedback from the editor and our experience.

Online editing or offline office

As a businessman, you might have an assistant responsible for editing and proofreading your texts. Or maybe you use the services of the company situated nearby. We offer a new, better process. Here are some arguments if you cannot choose between an online editor and offline business editing services.

  • Convenience of cooperation

    The order placing process is fast and simple to use. You do not need to explain everything twice since our great employees are experienced enough to read between the lines.

  • Lower price

    As a rule, the cost of online services is not very high. This is by no means implies dubious quality. It is all about well-established business processes.

  • Guaranteed confidentiality

    It happens that people prefer to hide the fact of using editing and proofreading services. Actually, online companies adhere to a strict privacy policy, thus all your rights reserved.

Online document editing

Who needs it?

Many people choose online academic editing for various reasons. Pupils and students whose first language is not English, authors and bloggers, artists and researchers, business professionals, and entrepreneurs are among them. The thing is this opportunity helps to solve many issues concerning the document. We will do it step by step:

  • - eliminate English language grammatical errors, all of them,
  • - improve a style and word count (number of words),
  • - get rid of plagiarism in the work,
  • - demonstrate professional writing skills and clarity.

It all eventually results in a better reputation, experience, and higher productivity. Delegating editing to online specialists, you receive more time for writing, research, establishing global strategies, etc.

You will manage to do more with the help of our qualified editors. Either you are a student or a personal assistant, you will definitely find our proofreading services useful!

We edit various types of documents on any subject/field

  • Business documents:

    • business plans,
    • speeches and presentations,
    • commercial offers,
    • business reports, etc.
  • Internet content help:

    • emails and letter editing,
    • articles for blogs, etc.
  • Personal documents:

    • University admissions essay,
    • resumes,
    • cover letter,
    • personal statements, etc.
  • Documents for study (academic documents):

    • all types of university/college essays,
    • cases studies,
    • university term/research papers,
    • even university dissertations, etc.
  • Stages of professional editing services:

    • the first revision to evaluate an overall impression,
    • English grammar and language clarity check,
    • style, tone, voice, subject improvement,
    • format adjustment,
    • rewriting (adding and deleting word count),
    • additional consultations (on demand).
  • Levels of checks:

    • standard (according to general rules),
    • in-depth (precise attention to science terms),
    • customized (taking into account individual recommendations).

    Note that urgent offers are available too (up to 12 hours).

  • Some of our professional editing opportunities:

    • shortening the document to a certain word count (without losing the sense and valuable ideas),
    • a thorough study and significant improvement (adding clarifications,
    • explanations, updated statistics),
    • checking facts (revision of facts and arguments depending on subject),
    • final proofreading and editing (focus on symbols and English punctuation marks).

Confused about editing your document? Your professors, business partners, and even Google reject your texts?

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What you get from our proofreading and editing services

Proofreading services provide you with an attentive editor behind every writing masterpiece.

With our editing services, you receive a perfect document, which is logically structured and well-thought. Therefore a core subject is delivered clearly.

Helpful tip from our editor:

Please, upload detailed recommendations and select aims you need to reach with the document/work. In this case, all your comments and suggestions will be met.

All in all, our document proofreading services make your life easier. Indeed, you forget about endless document corrections and handling incomprehensible cases.

Using our professional assistance, you get rid of serious mistakes in your document/work. In doing so, you avoid underestimation of your writing talents.

We build solid relations with our clients all over the world. Discounts emphasize our special attitude to customers. Take your chance and grab your bonus. We are sure you are lucky today!

Why exactly you need our proofreading editing services?

Do you think that a lack of grammar mistakes is only your teachers’ whim? Well, a perfectly written document opens various opportunities for your personal and professional experience. It guarantees that your thoughts and words are taken correctly. In addition, it is a matter of good social manners and intelligence.

If your grammar and writing style are not good enough to express ideas properly, turn to our professionals. They will review and make any document or paper more convincing by eliminating all its mistakes, number of words, improving style, and correcting a structure and clarity.

Document proofreading services are available 24 7 all around the world! The main thing is to order at the most professional Start cooperating with our professional team and enjoy the results of the transformation. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions or give us feedback!