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Whether you need to edit your book or any report, turn to our specialists. They know how to present the best version of your paper. Try our service and enjoy the results!

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Reasons to order our report editing services

  • 1.“Knowledge is power

    We can truly claim to be professionals. Our team experts have been studying at colleges and universities to learn the theory. Philology and Linguistics are helpful in coping with any writing issues. This educational background enables us to make the right decisions concerning the correctness of your texts.

    Your benefits: error-free texts, meeting educational standards.

  • 2. We use the best technologies

    We take the technological process wisely. Artificial intelligence is leveraged to implement simple routine tasks. Say, to determine the apparent grammar mistakes, check plagiarism and the format. However, the results are always controlled by humans.

    Your benefits: a fast implementation of orders.

  • 3. Experience in report editing and proofreading services

    Mature professionals of our agency know how to deal with various types of texts. They are ready to meet different requirements and personal recommendations. The thing is our employees have been working with papers for students, book authors, and researchers for a long time. So, we offer high-quality academic editing service for pieces on various themes and reports of any complexity.

    Your benefits: helpful advice on improvements, preventing unexpected problems, time-saving.

  • 4. Multifaceted interests

    In fact, editing does not boil down to learning endless rules, making revisions, notes, and corrections. We suppose that a perfect editor is the one who has read hundreds of books, reviewed thousands of materials on the Internet, and attended professional workshops and conferences. This person does not only possess expert knowledge. He/she definitely needs the inspiration to offer suggestions on text improvement. Awareness of tendencies in various writing styles is also a great quality. Our work style and editors, in particular, reflect all these features.

    Your benefits: possible adjustments to modern styles, meeting contemporary grammar requirements.

Edit your books and reports with
our services

We are here to improve the level of your writing.

You deserve to get excellent ratings even if your grammar or formatting is not perfect. Still, this approach does not work in the educational field. Teachers and professors are obliged to consider spelling, punctuation, and other standards of college writing. It is our belief that ideas, findings, and insights are more valuable than all those requirements.

You are free to pay maximum attention to research, calculations, analysis, and creative endeavor. is established for everything else. Make sure we will formulate your thoughts clearly, build a proper structure, eliminate all the errors, as well choose the right tone and words. Our team is available 24/7, thus you can always receive kind feedback.

  • Delete

    Misused words, complex phrasing, cliches, redundant phrases (repetitions, tautologies)


    Superfluous abstracts

    Awkward logic

    Spelling, syntax, vocabulary errors

  • Add

    Better synonyms

    References, facts, arguments, examples

    Necessary paragraphs, lists, sections


    Correct punctuation marks, symbols, equivalents

  • Result


    Proper format and convincing tone

    Better structure

    Clear story

    Impeccable grammar

Editing is essential for all types of texts if you care about your reputation. Choosing our professionals for this responsible step, you always get brilliant results. However, you’d better try our service yourself.

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Editors of our service: functions & capacity

Our specialists are able to do magic with your texts. It is mainly about the outstanding outcomes. As for the working process, it is rather down-to-earth.

It all starts with requirements

The first thing is to determine who will read and check your piece. They could be a general readership, mature professors, or any specific group.

Sentence structure

A blueprint determines the essence of the whole project. So if there are any mistakes in it, they should be removed at once. Our expert checks the correctness of the logic of your report and the consistency at this stage.


As a rule, a science report should be presented in a specific format. We revise if yours is right.


Our service experts review if you cited enough resources in your report. We do not forget about formatting styles too.

Visual objects

Sometimes it is better to present materials in charts, diagrams, tables, infographics. We are ready to give you helpful advice on these issues.

Grammar and sentence structure

Please, note that you are free to choose the dialect: American or British English language. It determines the rules we are guided during the checking procedure. Be sure that our experts are native English speakers.


Every author has an individual manner of writing. We highlight your personal style. Our editors also consider the necessary tone and voice of your report. If jargon and slang are not allowed, we detect and eliminate all of them.
However, do not worry about your ideas and thoughts. They will remain the same in any case.


Our service editors help to convey your report message to the reader. We choose proper wordings and punctuation marks.


Tautology and repetitions in a report take a lot of space in your text and rarely make sense. That is why our proofreaders tend to delete such abstracts.


No one wants to read false or dubious materials. Our assistants revise and update the statistical data you mention.

In case you need more details. The most common errors we deal with in a report:

  • misplaced words (including pronouns),
  • incomplete sentences,
  • wrong word choice,
  • wrong passive voice use,
  • issues with articles,
  • agreement mistakes (between a subject and a verb),
  • wrong preposition use,
  • incorrect verb forms (wrong English tense),
  • tautologies and wordy sentences,
  • inappropriate data format,
  • misplaced modifiers,
  • usage of more than one measurement system (metric and English system),
  • weak core message,
  • problems with parallelism,
  • wrong punctuation in restrictive and nonrestrictive constructions,
  • weird dangling participles, etc.

Actually, you do not need to go into all these details. Our editors deal competently with the above issues. We go beyond spell or punctuation check, polishing the style and the tone. Due to our in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and utmost attention, your paper reaches a new level.

Since you’re here, try our services. Today you are lucky to get a perk.


A discount always sounds good. We want your first experience to be positive and pleasant. So, this 18% off your order is our token of appreciation for your choice. Stay with our service and get other bonuses.

Figures behind

  • 16

    minimal number of edited books per month

  • 2386

    a quantity of improved reports on average

  • English

    is our native language; still, we work with

  • 2 dialects

    American & British

And lastly...

It is not easy to find a perfect editor. You know, the one who is intelligent enough, meets deadlines, monitors writing trends, etc. This guy must possess patience, concentration, and self-discipline. Meantime, he/she should combine these professional skills with enthusiasm, lateral thinking, and inspiration. Honesty and objectivity are important too.

Yes, this description matches our editors. We are proud to work with such talented and expert specialists. You will see that it is true after getting your first edited paper.

Editing books

We do not doubt that you are a talented author. Your book must be something special for you. So do not neglect an opportunity to make it perfect. Readers will definitely appreciate a clear manner of writing and a lack of spelling mistakes, as well as get your takeaway.

The truth is practically all the writers work with editors or proofreaders. A fresh set of eyes is essential when one needs to show the best of capacities.

Report editing and proofreading

Working on the science project, you pay maximum attention to calculations, research, and analysis. Grammar and formatting often become of less importance.

It is ok if you use our services. We will edit everything, so that your document will be impeccable.

Your findings definitely deserve to be presented in the best possible light.

This is precisely what we are going to do with your texts.

What to expect from our editors

Importantly, we explain all our edits. Thus, do not be afraid to stay in the dark about our actions.

  • Wrong letters, words, and even sentences can be deleted, rearranged, or rewritten.
  • Sometimes, the editor can change the structure. So, there could be a new sequence of abstracts and paragraphs.
  • No fundamental changes, since we respect your content. Actually, we can only give some recommendations on crucial changes, if you need them. It deals with key ideas and suggestions.
  • You can monitor the process of editing. Our assistants are online 24 hours to answer all of your questions.

Obviously, the techniques for editing books and reports are different. Meantime fundamental rules remain the same. They all boil down to an eye for details, awareness of the rules, and a sincere desire to reach perfection.

You can accomplish more when you cooperate with professional editors. Improve the level of your creative, science, and personal projects using our services! It is time to act — let’s discuss your first order on a live chat.