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Best Essay Editing service | Why Choose Us

You will definitely appreciate the advantages of our essay proofreading and editing service. Our team offers a qualitatively new level of paper editing and proofreading services. Our academic editor will make sure your college essay or other document is perfect!

  • Wisdom and experience of the service

    For years of essay editing services, we have established our unique methods of the check, analyzing, and improvement of your essay. Obviously, requirements for written documents change over time. Meantime, the core principles remain the same. So our proofreading and editing service assistants are aware of the most popular weak points and pitfalls.

    Your practical benefit from our proofreading and editing service help: You get a well-edited paper in the shortest terms; one can also count on helpful editing recommendations.

  • Individual approach to paper editing service

    Our editing service is provided in accordance with specific rules and personal guidance. We are not restricted to typical standards of check only. Obviously, every customer has his/her reasons to order our services. Edited texts are aimed to reach different goals. Say, to get a higher grade, improve GPA, get a job, win a competition, etc. Mention your purpose on the Order Form, and our team will tailor your document to it.

    Your practical benefit from our editing service: You receive an original checked paper adjusted to your needs.

  • Well-prepared service editors

    We are proud to work with the best editors in the sphere of editing services. These guys got enough knowledge and skills at colleges and universities. In addition, each essay editor is constantly developing his/her talents by watching webinars, reading helpful materials, and exchanging experiences with other editors.

    Your practical benefit from our editing service: A mistake-free paper. Always.

  • Judicious editing methods

    In our work, we are guided by reasonable principles of editing service. It means that we never change the main thoughts of your college essay, and, meantime, offer only effective corrections. We cooperate with practicing teachers and professors, so we are aware of contemporary English language grammar rules and demands. Our company takes responsibility for the results, so we can explain all the corrections. In case of necessity, we provide references to official sources.

    Your practical benefit from our editing service: Well-grounded corrections result in the best version of your essay.

Online Editing Service: Pro Services For Your Texts

Proofreading and editing services become extremely important when it comes to decisive essay. Just think that most of life’s milestones are connected with words. To enter a university, you need to come up with a compelling application essay. You can be noticed by a research institution due to an article in the science magazine. An employer firstly evaluates your candidacy from a resume. A successful start-up begins with a compelling business plan. We, here at, have a solution for your every writing issue.

We edit all types of academic papers:

  • school essays,
  • school case studies,
  • reports,
  • college term papers,
  • capstone projects,
  • application essays,
  • admission document,
  • theses/dissertations, etc.

As well as check documents for your career promotion:

  • resumes editing service,
  • curriculum vitae editing service,
  • cover letters editing service,
  • personal statements, admission letters editing service, etc.

You can also count on competent help with editing business texts for:

  • emails and other correspondence services,
  • business plans services,
  • presentations services,
  • sales pitches services, etc.

Not sure about your creative projects? We will assist you with content editing for:

  • books,
  • blogs,
  • speeches,
  • articles, etc.

Our editing service checkpoints:

  • spelling (including terminology, names, peculiarities of British and American English);
  • syntax (punctuation marks);
  • sentence structure;
  • page formatting;
  • word-choice;
  • figures (measurement system);
  • facts (statistics, the relevance of data);
  • style (readability, voice, and tone).

Online editing service and proofreading services are a modern service opening numerous opportunities for your essay. Whether you strive to get a high grade, a dream job, or publish an article on a popular blog, our assistants are always ready to help you.

Do not deprive yourself of a chance to improve your writings. Order now.

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Editing Services Online:
How We Do It

This is how we are going to make your essay perfect.

  • Tell us your purpose

    We need your goal to determine the rules and standards for further work with your essay. If it deals with papers for a college, we consider general educational standards. If you need to edit a resume, our assistants will do it in accordance with the modern trends and expectations of the employer.

  • Rough editing with the help of AI-based instruments

    To eliminate apparent mistakes, our specialists use modern software. It is a fast way to get rid of typos. However, this automatic check is never enough.

  • Human proofreading service

    Your paper is revised by a professional editor. He/she checks the paper to eliminate orthographic and punctuation mistakes, as well as consider the vocabulary, sentence structure, and readability of your story.

  • Add or delete?

    Our editors analyze whether your paper corresponds to the given topic. After that, they cut all the superfluous stuff. Meantime, they can advise adding some explanations, facts, references to reputable sources, etc.

  • Let’s handle the formatting

    This point is especially important for college and university papers. All those MLA, Chicago, APA may seem boring or difficult for students. Our editor is well-versed in their nuances. So, you can be calm about the formatting style.

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Editing Services: Spheres Of Online Opportunities

Our company offers online editing services in the following academic fields:

  • Astronomy and Planetary Science editing service: Theoretical Astrophysics, Cosmology, Astronomy, Other Planetary Science.
  • Biology editing service: Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Conservation Biology, Drug Discovery, Ecology, Genetics, Immunology, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, Other Biology, Pharmacology, Proteomics, Systems Biology, etc.
  • Chemistry editing service: Applied Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Other Chemistry, Spectroscopy, etc.
  • Earth and Environmental Science editing service: Geology, Geoscience, Other Environmental Science, Palaeontology, Solid Earth Science, Planetary Geology, etc.
  • Engineering editing service: Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Software Engineering, Other Engineering.
  • Physics editing service: Biological Physics, Condensed-matter Physics, Materials Physics, Other Physics, Optics/Lasers, etc.
  • Medicine editing service: Anesthesiology, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiology - Noninvasive, Clinical Genetics, Clinical Pharmacology, Critical Care Medicine, Dermatology, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Family Practice, General Practice, Gynecology, Hematology, Hepatology, Infectious Diseases, Maternal & Fetal Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Nutrition, Occupational Medicine, Oncology - Radiation, Ophthalmology, Pain Medicine, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physiology, Psychiatry, Psychiatry - General, Psychology, Pulmonary Disease, Radiology, Rheumatology, Spinal Cord Injury, Surgery - Specialist, Urology, etc.
  • Social Sciences and Other non-academic Fields editing services

If your topic differs from the above list, please let us know about it. We could just skip it due to the great variety of our opportunities. So, you’d better ask our support agent and find out whether we will take your writing/ editing services challenge. In most cases, you will get “yes, we will cope with your topic.”

What are your guarantees as our customer?

  • We provide full confidentiality - all your rights reserved;
  • We can edit your essays in the shortest time possible (24 hours and less);
  • We have the best experts who will make your essay flawless (improve the structure, remove spelling errors, page formatting errors, etc.);
  • You do not require to spend hours editing your paper - the process is now easy and fast! The editing will be finished by one of our editors;
  • Easy communication with our customer support agents - they are always available 24 hours. Feel free to contact us!

Actually, a professional editor is the first person who reads the essay, after the author has completed it. While the writer focuses on the main thoughts, analysis, and findings, we pay close attention to grammar mistakes, formatting, and following other rules. It is our belief that you should not be distracted by such small things as typos and nuances of orthography. Instead, you are free to concentrate efforts on creativeness and generating new ideas. Our online professional editors will do the rest. We add clarity, persuasiveness, and a better visual appearance to your projects. Place your order and feel the difference! Contact us, our editing services are available 24/7!