Academic Editing Services and Proofreading

Academic editing and proofreading services are useful for those university students who do not have profound writing skills in English or simply have no time to devote to essay writing and substantive editing. We want to help you to edit the paper as we have already edited thousands of papers and helped many clients from all over the world. Our experts possess years of experience in academic editing services. No matter what is the subject of your research paper or manuscript is or what is the branch of your studies (engineering, nursing, economics, etc.), we are ready to edit and bring clarity to your document using our experience. All our experts have at least a Bachelor's or Master degree, thus you can trust your paper to our academic editing and proofreading services with no doubts.

Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of our academic editing services and they were not disappointed because we are never late with the edited files, we provide timely responses, follow the subject of the document or manuscript (even if it is complex like engineering), we have editors with high expertise, and guarantee high-quality editing services! Just place an order and provide the sample of your writing that needs to be edited.

Our editing service experts are ready to help you with:

  • admissions editing services,
  • social sciences journals/journal articles editing services,
  • academic essays proofreading and editing services,
  • academic research papers or term papers editing services,
  • social sciences journal article editing services,
  • Master-level manuscript/paper editing,
  • articles/documents published in science journals,
  • editing of research papers in engineering,
  • editing of published work/document review for a journal/journals,

or any other writing, review, rewriting services, or proofreading services you are always welcome to turn to our company and place an order. We are ready to edit your sample work and help every university student who needs our academic copy editing assistance!

Academic Editing Service Perspectives

Professional academic editing requires your thorough attention, experience, and energy. Namely, you should use reliable information in your document depending on the subject (for example a paper in engineering), write in simple and clear language, avoid complicated expressions, and introduce understandable formulations and edit the final writing. Our academic editor is a native English speaker. We will assign an expert in your particular subject to edit your work. The editor starts editing with the assessment of the primary adherence of your academic sample paper to requirements: genre and stylistic characteristics, as well as the required style guide. Our editor checks the paper word by word, which helps to correctly edit it following the main subject of your research, using all the editing experience and expertise gathered within the years of practice in editing.

Our editor/editors will check, review, edit, and improve your sample work. Editors/editor use modern English language grammar rules to edit the journal article, quote correct science sources, follow the subject, provide clarity, and help you to achieve all the demands of the editing process and journal requirements. In addition, we guarantee full confidentiality, thus you may be sure that all your rights reserved.

So, How does Professional Editing Work?

These are several editing techniques applied by professional academic experts (editor) which will improve your documents:

  • replacement of unsuccessful or inaccurate phrases or errors (editing within the word count);
  • checking sequence of tenses, grammar agreement (in particular when the words are remote to each other);
  • simplification of complex syntax structure and consistency;
  • removal of such language errors as verbosity, repetition, etc.

Stylistic academic proofreading editing is used by professional native English editor/editors to maintain clarity, consistency, and style throughout your journal articles or research papers. A skilled editor is able to distinguish illiterate or bad turnover from unusual, but quite permissible, inherent to the author. Thus, the maximum semantic precision of language and infiltration in peculiarities of the individual style of the author are two sides of the same process that is called literary academic editing service.

Academic Editing Service: Format Issue

Academic editing services include the improvement of the format of the documents. Students frequently get into trouble, as they do not have enough experience in proofreading editing and do not know how to reference and quote their sources and to format citations properly. Improper citation formatting, among common errors, has a huge impact on the result of academic document/manuscript evaluation. For example, many students simply include the quote without providing proper reference within the text (in-text citation) or at the end of it (bibliography list). Another important rule is to utilize peer-reviewed research journals published in recent years. Be sure our editor will follow these rules.

Still having doubts? Let us Reassure you!

Our paper editors will check on quotes and formatting for a fair price. We offer you to get online academic editing services of academic papers provided only by professional editor/editors, who care about the quality of your edited papers, English language grammar rules, etc. Stay assured that your paper will be proofread by the best editor/editors on our team! If you already used our services and liked a particular editor, feel free to choose him/her again and we will assign the same editor to complete your assignment.

Online editing essays services are your chance to relieve yourself of the need to revise your papers many times. Contact us and get an outstanding editing service from a professional editor! We are available 24 7 for all our clients!