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We are a team of 150+ dedicated academic editors who help students enhance their personal statements. Whether you're applying to a business, law, medical school or a graduate school, our proofreading service will boost your chance for admission!

Entrust personal statement editing to pros

Personal statement (or admission essay) is one of your most important documents during college application season. To get admitted to your dream university, not only you need to get high GPA, SAT and ACT scores, but also to submit a strong personal statement. An essay you provide needs to tell an exciting personal story, highlight your fit for the school as well as display excellent writing abilities.

As a company with 12+ years of experience, Editing-Service.Org have helped thousands of students across the US, UK, Canada and beyond refine their personal statements. Our dedicated approach plus understanding of writing standards set by top colleges have helped our clients get accepted to their desired programs! Here's what our team is ready to offer you:

  • In-depth editing. Unlike other personal statement editing services, we don't limit ourselves to correction of superficial mistakes and typos. Your editor will work on text structure, flow, syntax, readability, and formatting so that the essay is flawless in every aspect.
  • Fast turnaround times. We respect your time and let you choose the deadline that works for you. Whether it's 48 hours, 24 hour or even 12 hours, we guarantee timely delivery and impeccable quality of editing.
  • Qualified editors. Your school application editing is performed by academic editors with BA or MA college degrees. Many editors are former instructors and tutors, so your admission document is in safe hands.
  • Effective prices. Our professional personal statement editing is failry priced. Calcuate the final fee in advance by choosing the deadline, words count and academic level that appeals to you. Take advantage of our 20% discount for first-time clients - claim your code in chat.
  • Unlimited revisions. If you order personal statement writing, we give you 2 weeks of unlimited revisions as a gift. Review the document and request any changes with the writer, and they will update the text based on your suggestions.
  • Customer support 24/7. Our customers are located around the globe, therefore, we are open 24/7 and accept orders for essays writing and editing around the clock. Our support reps are always available on live chat and ready to answer your questions!

What does our school personal statement editing involve?

Colleges have strict requirements both for application essays and scholarship applicaitons. It's incredibly tough to impress admissions committees, especially if writing isn't your forte. But now, you needn't worry - Editing-Services.Org have got you covered! No matter how many words you need edited, or how fast you need the admissions essay back. We take on all orders, even the most challenging ones! We'll take care of all papers needed for your application process, guaranteeing you the following:

  • Correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation. An editor makes sure that no occassional typo will distract the reader from your message and ideas.
  • Improvement of tone of voice, writing style, and clarity. We edit your essay in line with the norms and standards of written English.
  • Enhancement of the logical flow and clarity. We check that every sentence and paragraph is complete and your thoughts are presented accurately.
  • Feedback from an editor. If it's possible to enhance your essay further, your personal editor will put forward helpful suggestions that you can incorporate.
  • Tracked version of your personal statement. You'll see what exactly has been modified and corrected, and will be able to accept or reject suggestions.
  • Direct contact with an editor. No third-party communication - describe your personal statement editing with your helper and get an essay that beats your expectations!

Why send your personal statement to us for review and editing?

Top schools attract thousands of applicants with academic achievements similar to yours. A school personal statement may be the decisive factor that will encourage admissions committees choose you over others! Given the importance of this document, it isn't wise to leave your success for a chance. Show your text to qualified essay editing consultant who knows for sure how to organize essay content and what details from your biography to include! Whether you need a professional editing package for a medical school, law school or MBA, you can count on the following:

Educated personal statement editors

Every editor is a genuine expert of their craft. It is not easy to get a job with us as an editor! We carefully select every applicant, verify their academic degrees and background. At, you can find editors and writers from English-speaking countries, no third-world freelancers. Every editor has to take English test, subject matter test and provide samples of works. Less than 8% get admitted to our team! So, you can expect the highest quality of personal statement editing.

Personal statement editing for any program

Personal statements for medical school, graduate school, law school, MBA admissions or hospitality programs have varying requirements. You have to clarify the preferred style guide, number of words and other requirements with your target university. Our editing service improves personal statements for all college, university and postgraduate programs in the US and beyond. We can also prepare a resume and a cover letter if that's the requirement of your school.

We preserve your tone of voice

An editor corrects mistakes and incorrect word choice, not your personality. When editing every personal statement, we preserve your original writing style and tone of voice while making the entire text sound more professional. We enhance your unique style, and don't replace it with standard statements and generic phrases to let your personality shine through.

Streamlined editing process

We provide college and university-level editing services only online for your convenience. Talk to your editor directly using our internal messaging system. As a rule, our editors respond in under 30 minutes. If your editor isn't available at the moment, check the order status using our 24/7 chat on the right side of the page. Placing an order is easy peasy as well - sign up, attach your documents and instruction, and we assign an editor immediately!

How to get admitted to a medical school or other dream program?

As you work hard to improve your grade and help hours drafting an admission essay, keep in mind that university admission has its unwritten rules and subtleties. For example, our experts recommend that you don't put all your eggs in one basket and send applications to a variety of schools and programs. Of course, you may be dreaming of Harvard or Yale, but be sure to evaluate your chances realistically. Do you really qualify to beat thousands of students across the US and overseas with excellent academic accomplishments? If in doubt, also apply to schools where you meet all criteria for being accepted.

Secondly, apply early. Students who send their application in November get more chances as colleges admit more students in early action rounds. Thirdly, ask for letters of recommendations in advance. Reach out to teachers or employers with whom you have good relationships and who can write good words about your motivation and performance. It is equally important to refine your online presence and clean up social media accounts. Good schools want students with excellent reputation, so make sure your online profiles don't have party pictures, offensive comments or controversial posts.

And, of course, no matter how much time you spent refining your personal statement, be sure to send it to professionals for reviews. An experienced academic editor is likely to spot a lot of writing issues that you could have overlooked, and correct them accordingly. In this way, a professional editor will boost your admission chances over other candidates!

Struggling to write a personal statement? Hire a qualified expert

When writing isn't something you excel at but your dream college program requires a personal statement, you may feel at a crossroads. On the one hand, you can draft an essay by yourself, have a friend edit it and hope for better. Or, you can do everything in your power to get admitted, namely, hire an admissions essays writer. The process is pretty simple: provide your writer with necessary information about yourself, explain what kind of story you'd like to tell and share college requirements from an essay.

An academic witer will send the final draft for your review, and you'll have 2 weeks to ask for edits and corrections for free. Note that we guarantee 100% originality of your personal statement. Our expert will write it from scratch, and we'll attach a free plagiarism report proving that your essay is 100% original and not copied from anywhere. The entire process is stress-free, as your writer is always in touch and you can check the status of your order in real time.

Personal statement writing package is often sought by students who apply to highly competitive programs, such as medical school, MBA or law university. You can choose turnaround from 12 hours to 2 weeks. We do not guarantee admission as we don't influence the admissions committee, yet, many of our clients leave us feedback saying they were accepted to a university they were aiming for.

Moreover, the pricing is competitive: personal statement editing starts at $7.50 for 1 page (275 words). Discounts are available for both first-time and returning customers. Contact us on chat to learn about our discount program.

Proofreading a personal statement: secrets from academic editors

If you want to proof the paper, our experts suggest that you follow these tips for comprehensive proofreading:

  • Make a break between writing and proofreading. Set the finalized paper aside for at least a few hours and then return to proofread it. After a long break you are more likely spot more mistakes as you'll look at your writing with a fresh eye.
  • Read your graduate personal statement backwards. Read line by line or sentence by sentence. In this case, you will focus on the surface elements (such as spelling and grammar) rather than meaning of the paper.
  • Print a physical copy of the document. When you edit or proofread a paper version, you'll find more mistakes. This is because we read text from paper differently than from the monitor, and are more concentrated.
  • Read the text aloud. Professional essays editors recommend that you read the text out loud so you could listen to intonation and how the words sound together. In this way, you will spot punctuation issues, style issues as well as incomplete or vague sentences.
  • Get rid of repetitive words. If you use the same word several times in one paragraph, consult Thesaurus and look for synonyms. Rich language is one of the important for admissions committee who will evaluate your essay.
  • Use an online spell checker. Although spell checking software cannot spot and edit all mistakes, it can be a good helper in case you've overlooked a typo or confused tenses. Moreover, it can streamline the correction of smaller issues.
  • Proofread when you're well-rested. Proofreading when you're tired, stressed, or sleepy isn't the best idea. Start proofreading when you are full of energy and feel concentrated. In this case, you'll handle this task faster and more effectively.

Professional editing for all purposes

We are a one-stop shop offering multi-purpose editing services to businesses and individuals. Check out what other editing services we are ready to offer:

  • Academic editing. We help students, graduates and researchers refine their writing before publication. This includes editing in line with standards of academic English, formatting to your style guide, and ensuring the scientific value of your research. We help with thesis, dissertations, journal articles, term papers, essays, and more.
  • Editing for job-seekers. To be shortlisted for an interview, you need a professional, error-free document that has needed information about your employment history, job skills and training. We offer editing and proofreading of your resume, cover letter, professional bio, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Business editing. For business and corporate clients, we offer editing of white papers, press releases, website copy, blog articles and other marketing materials. Let our editors promote your brand and help achieve communication goals through clear, informative, and polished writing.
  • Editing service for foreign students. Overseas students who come to the US often struggle to express their thoughts and sound like native speakers. Our thoughtful editors help every student sound like a native speaker and be understoon in classroom and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get personal statement editing for free?

Personal statement editing (especially for law and medical school) is a complex process which requires an editor to have a specific qualification. Moreover, all editors need to be fairly compensated for their input. So, if someone offers you editing for free, beware - it's a scam!

What guarantees do offer?

We offer our clients a Money Back Guarantee, meaning that in case of late delivery or non-delivery we will refund your credit card payment. We also provide a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not happy with the written document, we will revise it for free until you are.

Can you do my personal statement editing during holidays?

Sure! Since our company works 24/7, we deliver all orders to college and university students even on days off and national holidays. If you order medical school application editing in 12 hours, you'll get it in 12 hours from now and won't have to wait for the next business day!

Where are the editors located?

We have editors from the US, UK, Canada and other English-speaking countries. When placing an order, you can choose an American or British writer.