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Our remote-friendly company invites editors to a new online team. Feel yourself a part of a successful project. Please, send us your resume or chat with support managers first.

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Text Editing Jobs: Benefits for you!

The world becomes virtual in every respect. So, why not use this tendency? This thought inspired us to establish an online team of editors. If you feel that you have enough skills and enthusiasm, you are always welcome.

It does not matter where you live. All we require is impeccable English, access to the Internet, and respect for deadlines. On our part, we offer a decent salary, online support, and captivating projects.

Advantages of our freelance job
opportunities in detail

  • The precise system of work evaluation

    Our managers accurately calculate the amount of implemented orders. We have transparent rules and fair terms. You are free to ask any questions to clarify the details. In any case, you always know what you are paid for.

  • Choose your schedule

    Unlike many similar companies, we give an opportunity to set your timetable here. Choose a comfortable pace of work and the number of pages to edit. You are able to control a working process and distribute tasks yourself. It is up to your capacity.

  • Invaluable experience

    An atmosphere of maturity, knowledge, and friendly support is what you get working with us. You will gain much experience and training while working on assignments and tasks of different complexity. Our projects open new opportunities for your professional and personal growth.

  • Friendly environment

    One can always count on helpful advice from our assistants and managers. We are interested in cooperation with specialists. For this purpose, we do our utmost to create a pleasant atmosphere.

As you see, our editing jobs provide numerous apparent advantages to you. We would like to emphasize that you are the master of your time. Both part-time and full-time positions are available. Your personal preferences will be considered, anyway.

Academic Editing Jobs: Work With Our Company!

Welcome to our territory of creativeness, professionalism, and progress. We would like to present our editing jobs in more detail.

Positions according to functions:

  • an online proofreader,
  • a line editor,
  • a substantive editor,
  • a copy editor.

Our editors work with the following types of assignments:

  • high school projects,
  • college papers,
  • resumes,
  • creative texts for personal needs.

Edit from home & get fair payment

What is stopping you from joining our team? There are practically no risks for you, and the advantages are obvious. Start your successful editing career here.

Paper Editing Jobs: Requirements for application!

Go to our website to get your dream editing job. Our requirements are not extremely strict, especially for juniors. We offer various positions according to the level of your skills.

However, if you consider yourself a qualified and professional editor, you are always free to become a part of our project. A wide range of benefits and advantages is guaranteed. Contact us at any time and get your well-earned freelance position.

We are sure you are quite good at your profession; still, we would like to clarify our expectations.

Obviously, editing requires much effort and time. That is why there is a lot to consider while applying for a position.

Professional experience

A true expert will easily cope with all our tasks and clients’ orders. We do not mention the number of years you need to work as an editor before you come to us. It is our belief that knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to work in a team, are more crucial. So if it was only one year of editing experience, still send us your resume.

Educational background

You will need to check grammar errors, imperceptible typos, deal with stylistic and semantic mistakes, etc. In this regard, we expect to see a well-educated employee in our team.

All-round personality

Open-minded editors have no difficulties in checking papers on various issues and themes. They manage to preserve the sense and the individuality of the piece and, meantime, eliminate all the mistakes. Therefore, the more subjects you know, the more orders you can get.

Special offers for our newcomers

We want to support our new editors, and thus, provide special terms. If it is your first experience of working with our website, you can count on friendly support and around-the-clock consultations.

Freelance opportunities from

Our company strives to get a synergistic effect of working with remote employees. The payment for your skills, time, and loyalty to our agency implies a decent wage, flexible remote terms of the partnership, and opportunities for growth.

Maybe, you are the one we have been waiting for. Grab your chance and join our project. It is your best possibility to get decent money for your Intellectual work.

Yes, any type of revision is not easy to implement. It is about objectivity, in-depth knowledge, and an eye for details. This is the major reason why we pay much attention to demands for candidates and carefully select our applicants. In order to become a part of our company and receive the position of the editor, you have to meet specific requirements. Still, it is worth it. is glad to welcome new editors. We fully appreciate your talents and knowledge, and, thus, offer attractive terms of cooperation. Let’s get it started!