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Text Proofreading and Editing Services: The Significance

Paper editing and proofreading, in fact, secure the high quality of any writing assignment. The work with essay editing aspects and techniques improves the final quality of the assignment, accordingly; and our company makes everything possible to meet the highest standards of document editing quality.

Why do we offer paper editing and proofreading services to our customers? We want you to receive flawlessly and 'fixed' assignments from our agency and, eventually, get the highest grade.

Editing and proofreading services advantages

  • Taking into account all the nuances

    Small things are rarely noticed. Meantime, a document, where every single comma is in the right place, makes a good impression on the reader. In our case, it is not only about unnoticeable spelling or punctuation mistakes. We consider the purposes of your projects, deadlines, the level of complexity, and other conditions too. Excellence is achieved through attention to all the details. This is what we do here, at Feel our special attitude getting a brilliant document in the shortest terms.

  • We know the craft of writing, editing, and proofreading services

    Many of our editing services specialists are former writers; thus, they have a rich vocabulary, awareness of grammar rules, a sense of the writing style, etc. It wouldn't be hard for them to paraphrase your texts, improve the structure, add some exact wordings and compelling ideas. In addition, editing techniques enable them to catch all types of mistakes, as well as adjust your text to any requirements. With this experience and knowledge, they easily cope with your most complicated tasks. The combination of writing and editing skills brings the best results for you.

  • We listen to you

    Our editor gets in touch with the author. It means that all your wishes are always heard and respected. Say, you need to improve an essay to impress the admissions board. Tell us what you would like to see in the final draft. Write your goals and expectations on the Order Form. It could be a better vocabulary or adding explanations of why your candidacy matches the culture of the university. Constructive dialogue is key to our fruitful cooperation. It ensures fast order implementation and effective results.

  • Safety and honesty are above all

    Whether you need to edit a simple essay or a serious research project, we take this paper as your intellectual property. That is why we never copy this content and do not post it on our website as a sample. You can be sure about confidentiality and respect for your rights. All our editing services specialists sign an agreement concerning keeping secret all the orders. The communication channels are safe due to modern encryption algorithms.

Text Proofreading and Editing Practice:
The Essence

Editing and proofreading play a fundamental role in the writing activity of every student. Evidently, our service of professional and high-quality work editing is a complex of techniques that make the general flow of your texts smoother and brighter. It is the main task of our professional writers and proofreaders to turn the 'raw material' into a little 'masterpiece'. Document editing and proofreading services of our agency include a variety of techniques for checking the work, finding and selecting the most appropriate variants for a word replacement, and eliminating the detected errors and mistakes within the assignment.

Rounds of our copy editing and proofreading services

We have a well-considered plan on how to check your writing. It may vary depending on your goals and requirements. Still, the general proofreading/editing approach remains the same.

  • 1. Focus on grammar

    This aspect is a must for all types of papers. We can never repeat too often that today you have no margin for error. Apparent errors and typos may look foolish and even funny. It looks like an author cannot even use prompts from Word or Google Docs. Our proofreading and editing services eliminate all spelling and syntax errors, as well as corrects the word choice.

  • Credibility is a crucial condition for today’s content. No matter what you are going to write, this essay must be truthful. That is why our services proofreaders analyze the correctness of calculations, the logic of suggestions, the accuracy of the information, etc.

  • The voice and the tone of your paper help to express ideas and convey the core message. Our experts know hundreds of writing techniques to make your paper more compelling, captivating, intriguing, informative, etc. It is all up to the purpose of your writing. We can cut adjectives and add verbs to make it more dynamic and persuasive. A call-to-action phrase could be a good idea to add confidence to a cover letter. To make a personal statement more evocative, we can highlight your accomplishments in an original manner.

  • Our editors do not change the core ideas of your texts. Meantime, they can give helpful tips on their improvement. We never impose our thoughts, yet we feel obliged to offer our assistance. It is your choice whether to use or skip it. Our work can be divided into two levels. We call them ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ editing. The first one is aimed at evaluating the general picture. It deals with the overall impression, readability, logic, structure, etc. Our proofreading/editing assistants strive to improve the document so that one could read it in one breathe. The ‘micro’ editing focuses on spelling, punctuation, word choice, and other details. To detect all the nuances, our specialist checks every sign, word, and sentence line by line. It is a meticulous process, so we always take it seriously.

A clear demonstration of our effectiveness

  • Before



    Omitted words

    Wrong syntax

    Misused words

    Outdated (wrong) statistics

    Disorganized sentences

    Unnecessary information

    Boring content

    A lack of formatting

  • After

    Better structure of the text and each sentence, in particular

    Correct spelling and punctuation

    Precise word choice

    Relevant content

    The understandable flow of ideas

    More facts and arguments

    Bold wordings

    Properly cited sources; correct text parameters (including margins, spaces between lines, fonts)

  • It all results in

    Good readability

    Easily understood content


    Conveying the core message

    Greater persuasiveness

    Evocative style

    Compliance with a specific citation style

If you doubt any piece of your writing, send it to our editors. We are glad to help pupils and students, job seekers and businessmen, authors, and bloggers. With our proofreading services, you can always count on well-considered corrections, compliance with specific rules, and helpful advice.

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Text editing and proofreading services is an important practice in our global writing activity. It requires professionalism, diligence, and appropriate competence – the qualities we are always ready to offer to our customers. It is a known fact that any completed assignment in writing may contain some percentage of mistakes of different nature: grammar, punctuation, unnecessary repetitions, incorrect sentence structure, etc. Our task is to make everything you would forget about these errors in your works.

Here are some most frequent errors we correct in texts:

  • wrong tenses,
  • unnecessary qualifiers,
  • vague English language,
  • needless Passive Voice,
  • misused articles.

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Text Editing Practice: The Editors

Text proofreading/editing also implies the recruitment of professional and responsible editors and writers. We pay serious and crucial attention to the professional skills and qualifications of our editors to secure your works from negative consequences. Therefore, we emphasize the following professional qualities of our editors:

  • the competence and grammatical correctness (we would never hire an incompetent or doubtful editor because we value your time, your money, and our reputation);
  • responsibility and diligence (our editors appropriately treat and work with every single order);
  • attention to details and scrupulousness (our editors are lacking carelessness because we emphasize the professionalism in work);
  • punctuality (the orders in text editing are made in time, without exceptions);
  • analytical abilities and creativity (our editors are able to improve your work by creative additions and expressions).

In common, these characteristics are the guarantees the editor will make a good and valuable job for you.

Give yourself a chance to boost your writing! Leave endless proofreading, rereading, and rewriting in the past. You must not actually do it. It is our belief that intellectual and creative works are much more important than editing. Your job is to invent ideas and come up with findings. Ours — is to polish your draft and provide the best version of your thoughts. Let’s start it now. We are available 24/7!