Academic Editing Services

Academic editing services are useful for those students who do not have profound writing skills or simply have no time to devote to essay writing and editing. We want to help you as we have already helped many students from all over the world.

Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of our academic editing services and they were not disappointed because we are never late, provide timely responses, and guarantee high quality!

If you need admissions editing services, academic essays editing services, academic research/term paper editing services, article editing services or any other writing, rewriting services or proofreading services you are always welcome to turn to our company. We are ready to help every student who needs our assistance!

Academic Editing Perspectives

Academic editing requires your thorough attention. Namely, you should use reliable information, write in simple and clear language, avoid complicated expressions, and introduce understandable formulations. Academic editor starts with the assessment of the primary adherence of your academic paper to requirements: genre and stylistic characteristics.

These are several techniques applied by professional academic editors:

  • replacement of unsuccessful or inaccurate phrases;
  • checking sequence of tenses, grammatical agreement (in particular when the words are remote to each other);
  • simplification of complex syntax structures;
  • removal of verbosity, repetition, etc.

Stylistic editing is used by professional editor to maintain clarity and consistency throughout the paper. Skilled editor is able to distinguish illiterate or bad turnover from unusual, but quite permissible, inherent to the author. Thus, the maximum semantic precision of language and infiltration in peculiarities of the individual style of the author are two sides of the same process that is called literary editing.

Academic Editing: Format Issue

Academic editing includes improvement of the paper format. Students frequently do not know how to reference their sources and to format citations properly. Improper citation formatting has a huge impact on the result of academic paper evaluation. For example, many students simply include the quote without providing proper reference within the text (in-text citation) or at the end of it (bibliography list).

Our editors will check on quotes and formatting as well. We offer online editing work provided only by professional editors, who care about the quality of your essay. Online editing essays service is your chance to relieve yourself of the need to revise your paper many times.