Book and Report Editing

Book and Report Editing is not limited to spell or grammar check it is like an art requiring close attention, specific skills, and deep knowledge. Professional editor must have patience, inspiration, and years of experience in editing field. Book and report editing requires skills in the field of literature and critical essay writing. Experienced book or report editor providing editing service will check your writing using such skills as stylistic editing, structural editing, markup and proofreading. Technologies used in book and report editing are diverse, but the fundamental rules and editorial skills remain relatively constant. Every books and reports editor working at our company is an expert in editing and possesses excellent critical thinking and analytical skills. Our editors are academicians able to adjust books editing to any academic style. Reports and books editors do not apply their knowledge automatically and rashly. All corrections are introduced very carefully. When you receive your document back, you will see that some words, phrases, and even sentences are removed or replaced. Sometimes, editor may try different sequence of paragraphs and suggest another format. We do not make fundamental changes to content while editing reports. If our editor sees that your writing needs some serious modifications, the editor will contact you to discuss the situation. Moreover, you are able to be in control of all processes of book and report editing.

Our competent book and report editors are able to:

  1. Determine the appropriate structure for document in the process of book and report editing. Our editor is able to suggest necessary additions, removal, and/or rearrangements. If rewriting is necessary, assigned editor will gladly do it for you.
  2. Make an outline for book and report writing
  3. Organize material in appropriate logical structure, keeping in the mind the format of the document provided by you for book and report editing.
  4. Determine whether it is better to present prose material in the form of chart or table, etc.
  5. Determine the appropriate language for the work and, if necessary, do language editing.
  6. Determine the appropriate tone and style, point of view of your book and report editing.
  7. Try to preserve authors style, improve it, if necessary, when edit a report is needed
  8. Determine and get rid of the ambiguous vocabulary and syntax in the process of book editing.
  9. Determine and eliminate verbosity and redundancies.
  10. Determine eliminate jargon that is inadmissible for book paper writing.
  11. Improve and correct ineffective transitions, parallels, connections and paragraphing in your document editing

As to the grammar and syntax book editing, the competent editor checks and corrects such common student problems as:

  • confusion in number or case as well as in tense
  • weak sentence constructions
  • lack of agreement between subject and verb
  • faulty parallelism
  • unclear antecedents for pronouns
  • confusion between nonrestrictive and restrictive constructions
  • dangling participles and misplaced modifiers

Please keep in mind that prior to editing your work, professional editor conducts some research on the topic in order to learn details of your topic. For example, our editor may find criticism on the book and compare it with your essay. However, editors do not use the information they find online while editing your paper! Thus, your unique ideas remain!

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