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If you are reading this page, you are in need of professional dissertation writing services or dissertation editing services. Some of you may seek thesis editing services or proofreading thesis services. You have made the right choice: we are available 24/7, at any time of day and night, to provide with essay editing services, term paper editing services, research paper editing services, thesis editing services, dissertation editing services and resume editing services of exceptionally high quality! We are experts in editing field and you can always rely on our services.

Our editors possess excellent editing and critical thinking skills. They are attentive to details and respect your writing. Editors providing our service assume know that the dissertation writer, even if he or she is not professional and has not enough dissertation writing experience, has studied the topic thoroughly, thought over the way of material statement and decided on the format and style. None of our experienced editors imposes his/her point of view on the dissertation writer as well as we do not interfere unceremoniously in content and style of the authors dissertation writing. We would like to emphasize that any conflict between our editor and dissertation or thesis author is excluded when they understand each other, when the author sees rationality and thoroughness of custom service editors comments and editor can justify them tactfully. We also want you to remember that respect for the author does not mean reduced attention to proper dissertation editing. The merit of English dissertation is the only criterion that permits service editor to judge whether the dissertation will be evaluated as the best. All dissertation editors delivering dissertation editing service can justify the made corrections and removals. You may order custom dissertation writing, editing, ask us to proofread thesis or essay, etc. All these custom services are available 24/7. Do not forget to include detailed paper editing requirements!

Custom dissertation service such as proofreading is requested by our customers regularly. When you are the writer of your own dissertation, you may be inattentive to grammar mistakes. The purpose of dissertation proofreading is the removal of grammar/typing errors. If dissertation material is stretched, for example, overloaded by superfluous details and repetitions, professional editor may apply reduction. The objective is to achieve clarity and brevity in dissertation writing and editing. Your dissertation will be proofread, edited and polished. The task of our skilled specialists is to include the entire range of dissertation editing actions: dissertation improving, checking evidence, language and style polishing. Dissertation services are your chance to make your writing perfect in style, content, grammar, and format!

With over 50 qualified specialists who have years of experience in editing, we are confident to promise high quality service in all academic fields. If you do not find your dissertation subject area in the list below, please contact us to verify whether we have qualified editor in the subject of your English dissertation. We do not want to waste your time and we are open for cooperation. Specialists providing our service are able to offer dissertation editing in the following specific academic fields:

  • Astronomy and Planetary Science: Planetary Science, Cosmology, Astronomy, etc.
  • Biology: Microbiology, Cancer Research, Cardiovascular Biology, Zoology, etc.
  • Chemistry: Applied Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Spectroscopy.
  • Earth and Environmental Science: Planetary Geology, Other Environmental Science.
  • Engineering: Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Other Engineering.
  • Physics: Biological Physics, Nuclear Physics, High-energy Physics, Other Physics.
  • Medicine: Cancer/Oncology, Epidemiology, Neurology, Hepatology, Infectious Diseases, Other Clinical Medicine, Veterinary Science, Pediatrics, Physiology, Radiology.
  • Social Sciences: Economics- International, Communications, Economics - Micro, Political Science, Sociology, Social Sciences, Anthropology, Law.
  • Other Fields: Computer Science, Materials Science, Food Science, Statistics, Humanities, Agriculture, Publishing/Media, Humanities, Archaeology, Language/Linguistics, Other.
  • Business: Marketing/PR, Management, International Business, Finance, Other Business.

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