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Importance of ESL Proofreading Service

Our website brings many advantages to foreigners studying English. We believe that these students have a right to get high grades and appreciation of their efforts alongside native speakers.

Professional help from skilled editors is all they need to succeed at studies. If you belong to this group of pupils, do not miss a chance to use our services.

Arguments in favor of our services

  • Native English speakers only

    We work with American and British editors only. It is a compulsory condition for hiring. As a result, you always get a perfect authentic text. The in-depth knowledge of language basics and nuances helps us to check all the mistakes.

  • We comprehend the variety of English languages

    In comparison with many Internet companies, we feel the difference between British and American English. Our specialists also understand Australian, Canadian, Scottish, and some other dialects.

  • Experts in Linguistics and Philology

    Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge and skills in these disciplines. Thus, we provide much more than a simple revision. It is about a comprehensive check, well-considered corrections, and understandable explanations. The science-based approach enables us to work with the most complicated papers and topics.

  • We explain what we do

    Editing might seem a rocket science to you. Yet our experts are ready to clarify every action they did. Understanding that foreign students may have a low English level, we give simple explanations. You are free to ask any questions concerning the order.

Our assistance is extremely helpful for ESL students who:

  • study remotely
  • have an English level lower than “upper-intermediate,”
  • apply to reputable colleges
  • strive to get the highest ratings, etc.

We are ready to help book authors, Internet bloggers, businessmen, and everyone who is not sure about his/her English.

ESL Edit: Practical Aspects

Our company provides high-quality editing assistance with all types of school and college assignments. While studying English as a second language, you might encounter issues concerning:

  • application essays,
  • personal statements,
  • term papers,
  • case studies,
  • theses,
  • resumes, etc.

We are ready to improve your text regardless of its size, level of complexity, and a theme. For this purpose, we use the following editing techniques.


Firstly, we use advanced AI-driven software to catch most of the typos. After that, an editor revises your text, eliminating all possible mistakes. In our work, we are guided by official contemporary dictionaries. So every letter and every sign is put correctly. Our specialists consider word endings. Thus, they check the usage of tenses, plural and singular forms, possessive determiners, abbreviations, etc.

Punctuation revision

Interestingly, English punctuation differs from others. Our professionals are aware of all the nuances concerning Oxford comma, colon for time, single and double quotation marks, Italics, etc.

Vocabulary check

It happens that foreign students misuse some words. It is all about inaccurate translations and a lack of language practice. That is why we pay close attention to the lexicon and semantics. If it deals with a typical college assignment and topic, our specialist simply reads your text attentive and consciously. In the case of narrow topics, we study the specific terminology and afterward revise your document.

Clarity improvement

We improve the readability of your paper by eliminating filler words, unnecessary Passive Voice constructions, superfluous adjectives, and weak “to be” verbs. Our specialists also check the length of your sentences, the monotony of the text, sentence structures, etc.

Big-picture editing

A fresh check is essential for all important projects. This process is the final step of our procedure. It is carried out by an independent editor, who is not distracted by typos, grammar rules, logic structures, etc. The main task at this stage is to evaluate the overall quality of the text.

Foreign students often get lower grades just because their English is not perfect. You deserve better! We edit your papers so that they look natural and convincing.

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English As A Second
Language? Editing Is A Must!

English seems a complicated language until you use our professional editing services. It is not a whim but a necessary procedure if you want to succeed in studies and work.

  • Better than a self-check

    It is not only about possible gaps in knowledge. The thing is that, as an author, you are “too close” to your content. That is why you lack a fresh set of eyes to evaluate the paper.

  • Better than a friend (colleague)

    Firstly, it could be embarrassing to ask them to help. Secondly, you cannot be sure about their professionalism. And, finally, you might face confidentiality risks.

  • Better than your tutor

    Of course, you could ask a private teacher to assist you with writing issues. But he/she might be busy with lessons.

  • Better than an average online editor

    Most of the Internet editors do not consider the fact that you are a non-native speaker. They can overload you with incomprehensible slang while communicating. In addition, they do not explain what they correct and why it is so. Unlike them, we can provide a detailed report on our actions.

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ESL Editors Do Good

The benefits of using are invisible at first sight. Yet, you will eventually appreciate higher grades and a better reputation. A well-checked “purified” text says a lot about its author. Apart from the native English level, it deals with intelligence, diligence, attentiveness, perseverance, etc. All these factors influence your rating significantly.

Getting rid of misconceptions and misinterpretations, you get maximum chances to be heard. A smooth story ensures readability, so a person fully understands your thoughts and ideas.

With our professional assistance, you get an opportunity to study on an equal basis with the Americans or the British. Now the level of your English does not matter. Our experts make you sound like native speakers. Do you want to try?